Our products and solutions offer rigorous and effective infection control and mitigate against cross contamination in any environment. From schools to NHS hospitals, fruit processing plants to dairy farms, we have a solution for you.

Healthcare & Dental

Aqualution Systems Ltd was born in a pharmaceutical company so we understand the science of healthcare. Despite all the effort that has been put into controlling healthcare acquired infections, traditional disinfectant products can still require up to ten minutes to be fully effective. Our products get to work in seconds, much more practical for busy and demanding environments.

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People & places

Our scientists have continued to work through the pandemic and have validated infection control protocols for this environment. With heightened awareness of infection control and disinfectant procedures, workplaces, education facilities, leisure and hospitality premises must now ensure stringent processes to avoid cross contamination and infection spread.

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Agriculture & horticulture

Aqualution’s products have been used by growers in agriculture and horticulture for many years, reducing risk and increasing margins across a range of agricultural applications. We work with farmers throughout the world to reduce risks, improve animal welfare and increase margins through our ground-breaking technology and systems. Our products are available as on-site, on-demand systems for large scale operations but we also supply bulk liquid to smaller scale sites.

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Bird and animal welfare

Our products provide a revolutionary new animal care treatment for the health, hygiene and welfare of all kinds of animals, including dogs, cats, birds and horses. It is formulated from hypochlorous acid (HOCl), a mild acid that occurs naturally in the mammalian immune system .

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Food processing

Our food processing solution, Agripure™ can be used in all food processing to kill microbial pathogens before packing. Our revolutionary on-site, on-demand system also recycles water, enabling a reduction in water usage of up to 80% and thus significantly reduces electricity usage. This recycling system effectively turns produce decontamination from a batch process into a continuous flow process, so productivity is much improved. Bulk liquid delivery is available for smaller volume operations not requiring a full installation. It is also possible to rent equipment on a seasonal basis.

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For more information on our science, the industries that we serve or our products please get in touch.