Agriculture & Horticulture

Aqualution’s products have been used by growers in agriculture and horticulture for many years, reducing risk and increasing margins across a range of agricultural applications. We work with farmers throughout the world to reduce risks, improve animal welfare and increase margins through our ground-breaking technology and systems. Our products are available as on-site, on-demand systems for large scale operations but we also supply bulk liquid to smaller scale sites.


  • Kills pathogens in under one minute

  • Created by British scientists and rigorously tested by independent laboratories

  • Non-irritating and non-sensitising on human and animal skin

  • Available in a range of sizes and formats to suit various environments and applications


Our hypochlorous acid (HOCl) generators are spearheading a revolution in safe, effective biocides with our on-demand systems used widely in crop protection.


Our powerful biocide can be used in dairy farms for a wide range of applications and represents a major step forward in biosecurity, effective sanitation and welfare for dairy cows.


Our products have been used successfully to treat drinking water on poultry farms for over ten years across broiler, layer and breeder units. Our effective biocide kills 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses present in the drinking water (at point of consumption) and measurably improves bird health and performance.

Other livestock

Our products can be used for all livestock including game. It can be added to drinking water to eradicate microbes and remain pathogen free, ensuring maximum animal health. It can also be fogged in the shed to reduce environmental contamination. This is particularly effective if you have a problem with rotavirus.


Aqualution products are revolutionising horticulture and the cut flower industry with significant improvements in product shelf life, post-harvest hydration, display solutions and consumer vase treatments.


Our flagship Solosan® product reduces risk and increases margins across a range of agricultural applications. We work with farmers throughout the world to reduce risks and improve animal welfare.

  • Available as a bottled product or on-site, on-demand system

  • Suitable for use on animals, crops and flowers

  • Completely tailorable to your needs

  • High pathogen kill rate

  • Helps prevent food chain contamination

  • Ideal for busy farm and greenhouse environments